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Eat Well Spend Less

Eat Well Spend Less is a free six-session course teaching people cookery skills and household budgeting tips to help make tight budgets stretch further. Typically, we look at the basics of cookery, budgeting, hygiene and nutrition.

The Eat Well Spend Less programme is a six-week basic cookery, nutrition and budget management course.  This means that we are providing additional support alongside emergency food, to help people address the underlying issues behind their crisis.

Our foodbank has specifically trained volunteers who can offer you additional help in the following areas:

It’s an entry-level course so you don’t need to know how to cook before you come. Each session is two and a half hours long, covering two basic recipes as well as activities on the session’s topic. Recipes are demonstrated to participants before they attempt to make it themselves, covering dishes like a quick soup, basic tomato sauces and treats like crumbles too. It’s very relaxed, you’ll cook with us and take home what you make. We also cover a range of subjects surrounding cooking and budgeting, including menu planning, portion sizes, money planning, ‘supermarket psychology’ and tips on picking up bargains. We all learn together in a small group, so people can share their own skills and experience too. The course is fun and informal, and it’s a great way to discover new tips and techniques on how to cook quick, healthy meals on a low budget.

For more information, please contact Helen Bunclark.

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