Our 2020 Christmas Hampers and Food4Lunch Bags Are Ready for Delivery

16th December 2020

At Runnymede Foodbank, we have been busy collecting, weighing, sorting, picking and packing the 2020 Christmas hampers & Food-4-lunch bags. This winter we collected 6,310 kg of donated food over the 3 days in November across 3 local Tesco stores.  We also collected £945 in cash donations, which is a record.  This compares very favourably with the 4,900 kg we collected last year – which is absolutely amazing and a testament to the commitment of our volunteers and the public’s generosity. With the support of volunteers we  subsequently weighed and sorted these donations and added more food to them in preparing for the packing of the hampers and bags.

Then, over 4 days, we packed 10,000 kg of food into 300 Christmas hampers and 400 Food-4-lunch bags.  These parcel quantities are an increase of 50% & 100% (respectively) when compared to 2019.  These increases highlight some of the implications & effects of the Covid crisis that some of the residents of Runnymede are facing. These hampers & bags are being delivered this week to our clients across the borough.  Hopefully, these will bring some joy and relief to their holiday season.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and donors for helping us make this happen.

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