Runnymede Foodbank operations in Mar 2020

16th March 2020

We are currently facing unprecedented challenges and an uncertain future across our area, the country & the world.  Runnymede Foodbank provides, along with other organisations, a critical service to individuals and families in need and depends completely upon a generous public who donate food and money and also upon a dedicated volunteer workforce.  Over the last few years, we have been able to hold these in balance and been able to meet the demands of the increasing numbers of clients in our area.  In the near term, keeping this balance will become more challenging.

The Runnymede Foodbank, along with a majority of the other Foodbanks in the country, will remain open and continue to provide food and support to our clients for as long as we are able to.  We currently hold good levels of stock in most (but not all) items and we held a very successful food collection at Tesco Ashford on Mar 13/14.  The public remain supportive & generous and are increasingly conscious of the important service that Foodbanks deliver.  Hopefully, the public will continue to provide us with similar levels of food and monetary donations to those that we have historically received.

The government has today issued more guidelines – some for everyone and some for “elderly” people.  We are confident that there will be more guidelines issued as the current crisis evolves.  This means that we will be operating the Foodbank against the backdrop of a moving target of volunteer numbers/client numbers/levels of donations/rules/guidelines/expectations.

Inevitably, we may have to adapt our service, volunteering patterns, rotas, hours, sites and/or many other things in order to continue to provide our services.  We remain committed to making the changes necessary to allow us to remain open and delivery safe services to our clients.

We will continue to use our website and social media to announce any changes to our schedule or sessions.  Please check these regularly for updates during these challenging times.

Finally, if you are willing to help the Foodbank during these difficult times with a donation of food, time or money, please get in contact with us.


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